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Vesuvius Vineyards Weddings

 At the reception I will carefully organize the people, events and equipment necessary for everything to go as planned.


     I will make sure everyone knows where they are supposed go and what they’re supposed to do.  I will get the bridal party in the correct order, as well as the parents.  


     Once everyone is in the room I will provide a wireless microphone for the Groom or perhaps the Bride’s father for a short welcome speech or perhaps a prayer to bless the meal.  I will stay in touch with the kitchen staff or caterer so I will know if they are ready to serve at this time.  If the food will be served buffet style, I will release everyone table by table.  Once you have received your meal, I will come and tell you the next event that is going to happen, so you don’t have to think about the events of the evening.  Following the meal, the next event is usually the toast, I start announcing the toast fifteen minutes (15) ahead of time and make sure the kitchen staff or caterer is on schedule with pouring the champagne.  The announcement is also a reminder to the photographer, smokers and people that may need to use the restroom.


     Prior to the cake cutting, I will make sure the knife, cake spatula, plate are there ahead of time.  During the cake cutting I will do what I call play by play coverage of the cutting of the cake to engage your guest.  Usually I will give guest around twenty minutes (20) for cake and make the announcement that the first dance and the parent’s dances will be the next event.


     Once your guests have made their way around the dance floor area I will ask the Bride & Groom to center of our dance floor and begin the first dance followed by the parent’s dances.  After the dances I will announce that I will take requests and then have open dancing for around thirty minutes (30) or so before we have the garter removal and bouquet toss.  Remainder of the reception there will be dancing.


     I will play music that entice the dancers to get out on the dance floor.  I’m interactive with your guest there several songs that I use to get everyone up and moving.

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