Darin Carolina Camera WBTV Radio Show Interview

     Darin Henley is one the most unique DJ’s in the business. His interactive style with the audience makes him far more THE ENTERTAINER.   His style to be part of his audience and his audience part of his show is an idyllic blend where Darin shines.

     Darin has been in the business of entertaining groups for over 20 years covering the Southeastern United States, playing all genres of music from Top 40/Dance - Country - Rock n Roll - Disco and Carolina Beach Music. Darin has MC’d and hosted Night Clubs, Festivals, and Private events, with venues from 100 to over 8000 people.


     Darin has been a past nominee for Darin & Anita on Grand Strand (syndicated radio show) with the Carolina Beach Music Awards.

     Darin has worked in the Broadcasting/Entertainment Industry for over 20 years, he’s not a part timer. Working for Thorn/EMI Capital records - Surfside records General Johnson & The Chairmen of The Board.

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